Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Slump-town, Population: me.

My last post's go-get-'em attitude worked for about A DAY, until I came home last night totally exhausted and craving ... you guessed it ... pizza. Props to me, I didn't order any. Which is A LOT harder for me than you might think. 

I seriously went back and forth about 10 times in my head before realizing it was too late to order and eat it before my fiance came home. Yes, I obsessively eat and hide it from him, or anyone for that matter. My friend Skinny Emmie mentioned eating fast-food in the car so by the time she got home it was gone. It made her feel like it didn't really happen if there was "no evidence" left behind. WOW can I relate to that! It's embarrassing, but true. It's been a long time since I've given in to the fast food monster (because that would require me to actually make an effort to leave the house) but food brought to my door? I wish I could somehow make all delivery service blocked from my apartment. 

Anyway, point of my rambling is this - I DID NOT GIVE IN. whoot! On the other hand, I didn't so anything last night. nothing. not even hand weights. didn't even bother to twitter. could have written a blog, but I brushed it off. I didn't even play with my daughter as much as I could have, which totally breaks my heart. I just felt down, and quite frankly, depressed. I'm so used to all my negative self-talk that I start to really honestly believe it. Sure, every now and then I kick my own ass and am super motivated for a day or two, but it never lasts. 

So during my not-so-healthy lunch break today, where I consumed a breaded chicken sandwich with cheese and mushrooms ... which was delicious, I'm not gonna lie, I got caught up on some of my blogs from my blog roll (to the left.) I stumbled upon "Half of Jess" whom I've never read before. I quickly found myself enthralled with her site. On one page she had THIS, her "Drop Dead Gorgeous by December" challenge. Suddenly, my heart raced a bit. Could this be what I need to get out of my slump and end 2010 with a bang?! I HOPE SO

I want all of you to join up with me! look over her ideas. This could be your jump start on the new year, too! Plus, you'll have me at your side cheering you on, not to mention all the other participants. I know I feel better when I know I'm not alone. Every Tuesday night, I feel a surge of energy from the fitblog chat, all because of the amazing support that us "losers" give each other!! I love that Jess is giving everyone that participates a Christmas card. How cute is that? 

So, I am officially starting the challenge. Come Sunday, I'll post all my info for the rules here. I love that she's having us take a picture with a positive phrase once a week. That sounds like something I might just keep up! 

What's your goal by the end of 2010?

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  1. Well done for not giving into temptation! The more you do that, the more control you have and the better you feel. Keep that momentum going :)

  2. well, WOO HOO ! ;)

    first, I'm proud of you, new friend, for no pizza... I know that could be difficult.

    I'm familiar with 1/2 of jess... I'm going to go right now to see what you're talking about - sounds exciting :)

  3. Mark : Thanks for the props! You are so right ... the more I make good choices they'll eventually become a habit!

    Kristina : THANKS! And yes, please join up with 1/2 of jess's challenge. I'd love to have a familiar face!

  4. Yay! So glad you're joining :) Super excited to start everything up and have this going strong. This will help me stay on top of all my training, even during law school. I need to stay dedicated. We've got this!

  5. Congratulations Emily! One small step at a time! Success comes in little bits and pieces and small goals! Next time you're faced with a craving, remember this, focus on it like it's really happening and use the power from that experience to overcome the next one!

    We all still give in to those cravings now and then. The trick is limiting them to just once in a while instead of every week.

    Good for you!

  6. Jess : I'm so glad you've come up with this plan! I'm getting all my stats posted tomorrow :)

    Mercade: Thank you for the positive support! One small step at a time. That's what I definitely need to remember!!


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