101 in 1001

I'm joining the "101 in 1001" movement! Have you?

This is a list of personal goals that I will attempt to accomplish by Thursday, June 20th, 2013. I plan on checking in on this list about once a month and reporting back to you all!

What could you do in the next 1001 days?

Health Goals
1. Lose 25lbs from highest weight
2. Lose 50lbs from highest weight
3. Lose 75lbs from highest weight
4. Lose 100lbs from highest weight
5. Lose 125lbs from highest weight
6. Lose 150lbs from highest weight
7. Achieve a healthy BMI rating (18-24)
8. Eat vegan for one week
9. Eat only whole grains for one month
10. Blog every day for one month
11. Attend a Fit blog conference
12. Run a 5k
13. Run a 10k
14. Run a 1/2 Marathon
15. Learn how to really portion food - using a kitchen scale and a lot of gumption!
16. Go to a Hot House Yoga class
17. Go to a Strip-aerobics class - complete with pole!
18. Have my wisdom teeth removed
19. Go indoor rock climbing
20. Walk 30min during lunch break everyday for one month
21. Go fast-foodless for one month (including pizza!)
22. Make a smoothie with vegetables in it
23. Go kayaking
24. Reach 250 Followers on Twitter
25. Reach 500 Followers on Twitter
26. Execute a workout plan for 30 days
27. Ride in RAGBRAI
28. Go Swimming outside, in front of people, with no shame

29. Travel somewhere that requires a passport
30. Go swimming in the ocean
31. Get my "mother nature" tattoo
32. Climb a mountain
33. Live as a nudist for one day (in your own home for god's sake!)
34. Go to the ballet
35. Perform at an open mic night
36. See a play on Broadway
37. Visit 5 national parks
38. Take a photography class
39. Go on a road trip with friends
40. Explore a 10 new places in Iowa City (0/10)
41. Visit the Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast once a year (0/3)
42. Attend Rendezvous Conference
43. Earn a trip through UndercoverWear

Other Fun Stuff
44. Get married (the EXACT way you want to)
45. Ride a Vespa scooter
46. Sell $5,000 of UndercoverWear in one month
47. Sell $10,000 of UndercoverWear in one month
48. Achieve CIA status in UndercoverWear
49. Re-purpose my mother's wedding ring set.
50. Make the move to a professional Blog
51. Convert all my old home movies to DVD
52. Write an album's worth of music
53. Take piano lessons (again)
54. Take guitar lessons
55. Buy a ukulele
56. Learn to play a ukulele
57. Wear a sexy swimsuit
58. Meet a blogger friend in real life
59. Go to a drive-in movie
60. Post an Operation Beautiful note every day for a week
61. Fill Harper's piggybank to the brim with change, and then cash it into a "college fund" account
62. Listen to 26 new bands I've never heard of - one for each letter of the alphabet
63. Learn how to paint
64. Host a fancy cocktail party
65. Watch every Mark Ruffalo film
66. Go on a picnic
67. Make a fancy cake for Harper's birthday
68. Learn baby sign language and teach it to Harper
69. Plant a Tree

Personal Growth
70. Talk to a therapist
71. Read 10 Self-Improvement books (1/10)
72. Pay off all credit cards
73. Meet with a financial planner for getting on track to purchase a home
74. Reduce my student loans by 25%
75. Reduce my student loans by 50%
76. Make a vision board
77. Be more confident and assertive around strangers
78. Start a conversation with a stranger
79. Fill my paper journals more than my blog
80. Do an "exposed" post
81. Squash any negative self-talk for one full week
82. Write a living will
83. Go one day with out talking, just listening
84. Document one month of my life in photographs
85. Spend one fully week "unplugged" from facebook, twitter, and email.
86. Make a new budget
87. Volunteer at a food shelter
88. Find/write a meaningful affirmation and read it every morning and night for one month
89. be the first to apologize
90. delete "friends" off facebook that I haven't talked to in a year or more
91. fill out my address book completely
92. Write Thank You Notes for Harper's birthday presents every year (0/3)
93. Take a day off of work on my birthday, and spend it doing thing for MYSELF

Vanity (gotta have a little nonsense!)
94. Spend an entire day at the spa
95. Purchase one pair of outrageously expensive shoes
96. Get teeth whitened
97. Pin up style photo shoot!
98. Go get my hair "did" for no particular reason
99. Wear false eyelashes
100. Purchase The Charlie Dress
101. Get my makeup professionally done