My Story

Hi. My name is Emily, and this is my face. 
My body on the other hand . . . 

Well, okay. I'm definitely one of those "only likes to be photographed from the neck-up" kind of ladies. I've been struggling with my weight since I was 13 years old, and tried just about everything you can think of to get into some smaller pants. Weight Watchers, Atkins, pills, more pills, infomercial crap ... the list can go on and on. Over the years I've fluctuated from 220lbs to 275lbs and have battled (and still battle) some serious self-worth issues because of it. During my Senior year of college, after falling in love and gaining a little perspective, I decided I needed a new venue; more importantly, a new me.

I joined Blog To Losea fantastic weight loss community in Jan of 2009, coming off of my highest weight at the time of 275lbs. The support and friends I've found on BTL are unlike anything in the world. From Jan '09 - August '09 I fought the good fight! I lost weight , gained weight , went from a running-phobic to completing my first 5k, had great and inspirational highs, and those all too familiar lows

In August '09, my fiance and I moved across the state. Just when I thought I was back in the groove, we found out we were pregnant! Needless to say, I put on a solid 60lbs and creating a NEW highest weight ever of 310lbs.

NOW I'm back after having my beautiful daughter and hoping to be better than ever! I've uprooted my little blog from BTL and am publishing here, in hopes of gaining some new friends, followers, and fellow "losers" throughout my journey. I hope some of you can relate as I try to navigate my first "real" job, (salary! benefits! 8-5!) raising my daughter, planning my wedding, and last but not least : finding my inner skinny along the way!