Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week One : Drop Dead Gorgeous by December!

Good morning, all! 
Today marks Week one, day one, of the challenge I mentioned last time. Here is the amazing creator, 1/2 of Jess, website as well as her DDGbD challenge!  For a small recap: Jess is putting on a self-empowering movement for ANYONE, male or female, to participate from today until December 19th. This is not a competition or a race with anyone but yourself. We send in a weekly report and a picture of ourselves with a positive message for self-empowerment. 

I can't tell you how much I need this right now. I love the fact that Jess specifically states that our message can't be weight related. Our goals can't be a number on a scale. This is truly about making yourself see how feeling gorgeous and thinking gorgeous makes you gorgeous. 

I AM a great mom!

Weekly Report 8/22 
  • My photo this week means a lot to me. Sometimes ... okay, a lot of times ... it's easy to forget how hard I work at being a good mom. A huge reason I'm serious about losing weight this time around is for my daughter. I want to set a positive example for her about self love and health
  • Starting Weight : 273.1
  • My three goals for this challenge

    • To WIN the battle against negative self-talk. This is something I struggle with daily, and I've had just about enough! I want to prove to myself that being overweight does NOT equal being pathetic
    • To make exercise a daily ritual.
    • To view food as fuel for a healthy body.

  • Bragging Right : I have started this challenge! Usually I try to hide away from pushing myself, but not this time. I want to do this, and I NEED to do this. I'm proud that I'm putting myself out here not only on this challenge, but on my new blog. It's hard to share your struggles sometimes - but this community is the best :D 
  • Improvement: My goal for this week is simple for some, but hard for me. I need to get up everyday when the alarm goes off. 5am, get out of bed. Move, blog, clean, swim, do something. No more snooze button!

So there you have it! I'm committed to making this challenge work for me! Are you in? I know a few of my good fitblog friends are joining me, and I can't wait to see their weekly pictures and progress with this program. Don't forget to check out their blogs, and share the love. Spabettie and ZenLizzie are two great gals that would love the support! 

Thank you to all you readers out there. It really makes me feel loved to know you're cheering me on, and I know you are, weather you comment or not! (But, as always, feel free to comment and tweet this post!)

Happy Sunday. Go out and soak up some sun if you got it. If not, jump in a puddle for me :)

(in other brief news, I'll be back to my "regular" blogging on Monday. But look forward to this segment every sunday. It will be titled 'Week # : Another Gorgeous Week' " I know, real clever, right? ha!)


  1. Plenty of sun over here and I am loving it :)

    5am?!!! What can be so important that it won't wait until 7,8... noon? Rather you than me :)

  2. Oh, Mark, I wish I could sleep till noon everyday!! haha
    Sadly, work is at 8am and "me time" is anytime before that.

    Yay on the sun rays! We've had so much rain lately that the sun is a pretty distant stranger. Not today though, which is why I'm on my way OUTSIDE right now. :)

  3. I'm doing DDGBD too! Good luck in the challenge. Look forward to seeing how you progress.

    Uber cute little one in your photo!

  4. Thank you, Suzanne! I'm going to check out your blog right now :) I'm so glad that we're all doing this together. We are gonna rock it!


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