Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Note To Self" Tuesday

Hey there
I know sometimes you get worried that things are never going to work out.
The weight will never come off.
You'll never really find the "real" you.

But let me tell you something

You're right. The weight might never come off. But only if you don't try. You're blog may not be as cool as you want, (woah fitblog friends!) your posts may not be super awesome ALL THE TIME, your pants might not fit right, you stamina might be in the crapper, and you might still eat an entire pizza when things get rough.

But you are made to be magic. Everyday is another day to make it better. You are strong. You ARE beautiful. You have a great smile, legs that could kick down trees (whoot!) and a perfect ass. ;)

Now put on your game face and NEVER BACK DOWN. 

... and probably never make that face again.

Your InnerSkinny


  1. LMAO, I was not prepared for that picture! Too funny. And you're entirely right. Some days just blow and other days rock but whatever we think, we're usually right. I like to think that I will succeed most of the time, good vibes kwim?

  2. Yeah, I'm just going to skip to the "never make that face again" part :p

    PS: Just found your blog and it looks cool :)

  3. awesome... and a Very Good Reminder... if yesterday you feel like you failed with every goal, TODAY is a NEW DAY :)

    pretty good stuff, there!

  4. Thanks all for the comments!

    @Rita : I totally understand what you're saying! Positive thoughts yeild positive results. This is definitely my biggest struggle - Too much negative self-talk!

    @Mark : Thanks for stumbling accross my blog! I hope to post a lot more often ... and to rarely make stupid faces. okay, that might be a lie.

    @Kristina : THANK YOU! I'm so glad we hooked up on fitblog! "hooked up" ... maybe not the right phrase. ;)


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