Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making the Time for ME

I had every intention of starting this blog today with a bad attitude. I’ve been feeling very frazzled lately, like there’s just never enough time to get everything done in a day. I’ve got a new job, the fiance is getting ready for school to start up again, and our 10 week old (wow, 10 weeks?) is in need of constant entertainment at all times. How am I expected to keep up with anything? I can’t tweet/post from work, I can’t join in on FitBlog chat because that’s baby’s “gremlin hour” as I like to call it. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Man, even I’m getting sick of writing it, let alone listening to it.

Then this morning, I was checking in with my fellow 6 Week Wonder Girls over on BTL and saw my friend Jen’s posting:

"I haven't had much time made the time to do any weight lifting"

Her intentional strike-out of "had the time" made me stop dead in my “woa is me” tracks. I say that phrase to myself every single day when complaining that I never exercise and am not losing like I want to. Do I really not have enough time? Or am I choosing not to make time? Roni also brought this topic up in her blog last night, and it seems to be an ongoing challenge for the majority of us “losers.” We can’t do everything all the time. True. What we can do is make ourselves a priority in our own lives.

For example : my usual routine after work is something like this: walk in the door from work, fiance walks out to work, get in “comfy clothes” and relax/fix dinner till baby wakes up (usually about an hour), feed baby while watching TV, play w/baby till 9, feed her, put her down, watch TV until fiance is home at 10, go to bed.
I never really realized how much bumming around I do until just now typing that out. Is it okay to relax? Sure! Could I just as easily been relaxing while writing a blog? Absolutely. Should I have been doing simple weight routines while watching TV? Probably.

I challenge you all to take another look at your wasted time everyday. Really write it out, you’ll be surprised! I know it seems like at times you don’t have the energy to do anything, let alone exercising. I'm the Queen of "I worked hard all day, don't I get a break?" But if we don’t put ourselves first, who will? No more excuses, friends. This is going to be a hard one for me to change, but I’m willing to do it for me. Are you?

Food for thought:
What little things can you do to optimize your time?
Do you have any tips for fellow “losers”?

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  1. "I'm the Queen of "I worked hard all day, don't I get a break?""

    That is nearly verbatim to the excuse I constantly make to myself when I get home from work and know that I should go for a nice walk but just want to veg out.

    I will definitely have to reflect on a lot to think about....especially the whole 'if we don't put ourselves first then who will?'

  2. Thank you for the comment, Kett!
    This is such a HUGE struggle for me. But seriously, we gotta kick our own butts sometimes!

    Someone told me today "You aren't allowed to complain about it if you're not willing to change it." Woah. Shut me up!

  3. My trick for getting stuff done is to concentrate. I set a timer (on the microwave) for an hour and that's my blogging time each day, without my browser open. So I get a quality hour of writing without distractions. Then if I have school assignments I do the same thing. Otherwise I jump from thing to thing and get nothing done.

    My workout time is scheduled everyday a week in advance and it is MY time. I know that next tuesday at 10am I will be running, wednesday at 1pm is weights, etc. I can't lose track of time if it's scheduled like that. If I start missing workouts i can look at what I was doing during the time I was supposed to be doing it and figure out why I'm avoiding.


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