Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Got The Magic!!

I've got the magic in me! Seriously, how damn catchy is that song?! I was bouncing all the way to work this morning singing along with the radio. Not only for my deep undying love of Rivers Cuomo (specifically his Buddy-Holly-like appeal and undeniable capability to write unforgettable pop songs) but also because I lost weight this week!!

And not only did I lose weight, but I lost 5 mother-father pounds! Whoot - DOUBLE whoot!

(complete side note - the "mother-father" reference [instead of saying a naughty word, lol] is totally stolen from THIS video for Honda's "Swagger Wagon." Do yourself and your soul a favor and watch it. I've never laughed so hard in my life.)

Anyways, I'm pretty darn excited. How did I do it? Honestly, I don't really know. Well - I do to an extent. I was very careful with what I ate this week. After my debacle with buying my new scale last week, I was determined to see a smaller number. I also tried to be more active, but honestly I didn't improve much in that category. I counted my calories and stuck to it.

I also made (and went to!) an appointment with a dietitian yesterday. She brought up a lot of factors for me to consider (going back on medication, staying with natural supplements/hormones, food program) to help boost my metabolism. For the new readers here that haven't followed me during my Blog To Lose days, my metabolism is basically non-functioning. There are certain ways of eating and exercise programs that can help this - and that's basically what I'm doing now. I'll post more about this next time (my boss is circling like a vulture over roadkill this morning!) but I'm really happy that I took steps in the right direction by seeking out some professional advice.

Until next time, readers and friends! I'm going to celebrate my loss .... but I'm not sure how! Normally I would say  "I'm going out to eat!" But that is clearly Fat Emily talking. Emily's Inner Skinny will not allow that ;)

Tell me:
How do YOU celebrate a loss?

Tune in next time : 101 in 1001 and my Dietitian recap


  1. Congrats Emily that's fantastic news. I hope the dietitian can help? Do you have a metabolic disorder or have you just done what the rest of us have done and dieted to the point our bodies almost give up?

  2. Thank you, Rita!
    I'm definitely in the same boat as the masses - I've yo-yo dieted to the point where my body doesn't understand how to noramlly function!

    At one point two years ago I was exercising 5x a week and eating 1000 calories a day and STILL not losing weight. I'm talking 1b a month. ay yi yi !

  3. Yay!!!! *cheering* That's so awesome!!! I've given serious thought to seeing a dietitian. I take medication for anxiety and it causes weight gain and it's becoming a battle to just keep the weight off, let a lone lose any. Good for next week, keep up the great work!

  4. Good for you Emily! Congrats!
    Every time I lose, I've been tossing some cash into my "Size whatever Jeans fund"! I figure that will be the biggest celebration of all. :)

  5. Hey congrats on the awesome loss :)

    I don't normally celebrate losses, but I do use the buzz of success to keep me focused.

    Perhaps I should give myself celebratory treats when I reach milestones. Maybe if I had something to look forward to, I would be working a bit harder :p

  6. I had previously been eating to celebrate, but that's not the best idea is it! So last week and this week, i came home and rewarded myself with studying! hahaha. But seriously, i like Melissa's idea. My new reward will be knowing that i have succeeded another week, and that the old me is being lost, never to be found again!

    I think i will start collecting loose changes, into a fund for Brittany's new wardrobe, for whatever size's she's happy at (10-12)!

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss this week! What a great success! The feeling it gives you should be reward enough! I like the new size jeans idea! You may also think about a hobby you like that you haven't tried yet and put money towards that or take a class. Pick up that new book you've been wanting, etc. Anything but food!

    Again, a great, big HUG and HIGH FIVE!

  8. Wow 5lbs that's awesome, good job! My reward for a loss these days is getting a neck and shoulder massage. A totally non-food related reward, who knew they existed!


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