Monday, August 30, 2010

Food is now poisoning me!!

Well, food, it's been a good run. You and I have had our differences. I've indulged way to much with you in the past, and am paying for it now. I know I probably hurt your feelings when I told you we had to take a break. I just need some space. It's not you, it's me.

... that is no excuse to poison me.

So today I'm in bed (same goes for the fiance) with a horribly sudden case of goof poisoning. I have a fever of 102.7 and I'm just plain exhausted from the illness that has ensued. I feel really awful for not getting around to blogging sooner - you readers are really important to me! I will hopefully be back tomorrow. For now, here's my Drop Dead Gorgeous by December info that should have gone up yesterday, week 2!! I'm pretty excited that I'm down a little weight :)

I am beautiful ... even with out any make-up on

Weekly Report 8/28

1.) Photograph - Took that first thing in the morning with out any make up. Something I need to remember ... our beauty is from within. 

2.) Challenge Start Weight : 273
     Current Weight : 271.8 (-1.2 total)

3.) My three main goals for the challenge: 
        1 - win the battle against negative self-talk. 
        2 - make exercise a daily ritual
        3 - view food as fuel for a healthy body. 

4.) Bragging Right: I did NOT completely crumble and give in to my "eat the whole house" default when a stranger called me a "fatty." Only used it as fuel to reach my goals sooner!

5.) Improvement: I want to keep my room and desk organized this week. It always improved my motivation to do more when I have a nice and clean home! :)


  1. Well done on your progress!

    What was is that poisoned you? Hope you both feel better soon :)

  2. I *love* that photo! Yes, yes you are beautiful even without any make up :)

    ...and I also love your attitude and perspective on things (er, poisoning aside),especially the increase in positivity you want in your life. Kudos, I say. You have a new follower and I think I'm going to really enjoy reading your blog.


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